Saturday, September 6, 2008

Chaos Calms

The chaos of this week is behind us.

After re-entering the workforce this week and having three volleyball games, our home seems to have taken the brunt of the time crunch. Specifically, the laundry! Since that is Bex's chore and she has been as busy as I have, it got a bit behind.

So after sleeping in this morning, Bex got started on the laundry and has done a good job catching up. We'll even have clean clothes for church tomorrow..Wahoo! She got caught up enough that she could go down and ride her horse. She did a flood-water check on our road and reports that it is still about a foot deep in several areas. She enjoys splashing through it on the horse! We're thankful we have another way to get out of here --even though it takes a lot longer.

Mr. Fix-It has spent the day with a headache and hanging out on the couch. Obviously, this keeps me from doing any real 'cleaning' because it would disturb him, don't ya know! You know how loud and obnoxious 'scrubbing' can be and don't EVEN think about dusting!

After getting in bed about 9pm last night --REALLY--9pm! (Those who know me are gasping in surprise and fear thinking I must be really sick...) I think its just age and stress that sent me to bed so early. But never fear, my phone kept ringing and I talked with friends till nearly 11.

Today, I've spent most of my day sifting through my e-mails--trying to lower the count in my in-box, cleaning the kitchen, reading blogs, playing a new Mahjong game (I downloaded for FREE thanks to Borders Books) and just generally taking it easy. It's been a quiet day but my behind is tired of sitting in this office chair at the computer!

Now, it's been raining for the past 15-20 minutes...hopefully, it will stop soon.

Here's a few September to Remember pictures.

Bex and her friend loved having tea parties at Mrs. Sandra' her clothes, hats, shoes and gloves!

Here's a little Bex playing dress-up all by herself. At 3 years old, that little girl could put on lipstick BETTER than her mom!

I miss those days!

Stay tuned!

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Mama Weso said...

How cute Becky is all dressed up. I have a little case of dress up clothes for Karis for when she comes for David's wedding. Wahoo! Can't wait. It's raining and raining and raining here -- and 3 of mine are AT the FSU game. Hope they don't ruin the cel phones!

lea said...

i miss the dress up days too. i haven't gotten rid of the dress up trunk of clothes... i just can't do it.

MamaHenClucks said...

My sister and her girls are here and my chickie girl and nieces have been playing dress up for two days! I love it!

♥ Bex ♥ said...

I remember those days too! I guess I'm not very much into dressing up anymore!! lol ...except the wearing skirts to ride the horse thing I guess. =/

♥ I love you! ♥

Laura said...

I should be thankful one of my girls still really likes to dress up.

Kelley said...

So nice to see another post from Lonesome Pine. It sounds like a wonderful day! I had to lol with picturing you in bed by 9pm only receive bunches of phone calls...ha.

Karis still isn't into the dress up thing but getting close, I think. Sounds like her grandma has that area already covered:-)

Have a wonderful Lord's Day!

Duh Girl said...

LOL!! BEX, you were so cute! :)
You seem to like dress up even now that you are older, or at least whenever i am around! :) hehe!
Love you! And good job bloggin this week mrs. meggy! I was very proud of you! It gave me some very enjoyable reading! :)
The DUH girl

Lori said...

We love us some dress-up at our house!