Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fireproof ...WOW!!!

Our family just returned home after seeing the new movie Fireproof, from Sherwood Pictures. My most common thought about this movie is....WOW!!! Just, WOW!!! I thought their first movie Flywheel was powerful. Then the second movie, Facing the Giants blew the first one away -- now we have Fireproof. WOW!

I can't really talk about the movie without giving it away. I think it's better for you to go see it with an open mind and open heart. There is no doubt I identified very well with this couple. (These sentences are really struggling off my fingers today, every thoughtful sentence seems to start with "I" and "I" know that every sentence should NOT start that way!) Yes, it was a tear-jerker...but you didn't have to worry about me! I loaded my pockets with TP before we headed into the theater. I used it ALL.

Bex laughed at me because I started crying in the very first scene and hardly stopped throughout the whole movie. I even cried at the credits!

"What was there to cry about in the credits?" you ask.

Well, as I was reading the long list of names of all the people that helped supply food, babysitting, and other things, I was just so thankful that they did! It blessed my heart to know that all those people were volunteering their time to further God's Kingdom. Have you ever thought about that?

There was a long list of Sunday School classes who provided meals and snacks for all those working on the movie. That is so powerful to me...the family of God coming together for a common cause! If you've ever seen the 'behind the scenes' section of the DVD of Facing the Giants, you get a better idea of how many people it takes to complete a project like this. So today, while we watched the credits I was just thanking God for all of those people behind the scenes who put such time and effort into this wonderful project. Who knows how many lives will be touched, how many marriages will be saved and how many children will grow up with both parents because of this movie. For more info on the here.

It blessed our will bless yours.

Stay tuned. (Now, I'm off to take my Sunday afternoon nap...better late than never!)

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Laura said...

Don't you want to tell every person in a struggling marriage to go see this movie? Or give them the LoveDare book?

Meg in Tally said...


MamaHenClucks said...

I'm so glad to read your awesome review! Our sunday school class is going as a group next weekend and then we'll be doing the LoveDare book after that. I can't wait to see it!!!

allhisblessings said...

I've been trying to convince my hubby to see this with me--since he IS a firefighter and I AM a wife AND we could use some marital reinforcement!! What a koinky-dink!

Debbie said...

awwww....How appropriate that you saw this movie during your series of marriage posts.

I should be in bed but I have been mesmerized by all your wedding and honeymoon photos. Now don't you go disses the big hats for bridesmaids, cause that's what I had at (one of) my wedding(s).

And with sleeves as big as yours were - you got no room to talk, girl! Oh, love the Farrah Fawcett hair, too.

Thanks for a peek into your past :)

Kelley said...

Oh, I'm so anxious to see it now! I think I'll have to wait 'til December though...bummer.

Meg in Tally said...

Those sleeves were totally the IN fashion back then! Princess Diana made them so much!

stephanie said...

My name is Stephanie Bennett, and I work at the church that made "Fireproof." Could you please email me at I'd like to ask you something about your blog. Thanks for your wonderful, supportive post!

Katie said...

ohh I'm so glad to hear this! I was hoping it would be a good movie.