Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's Brother Beau, Don't Ya Know!

Today is my brother, Beau’s, birthday. He’s 26 today!

Beau is the youngest child in my Dad’s 2nd family. Beau is the 4th living son. (We have one full-term brother in Heaven.)

I remember (you know there’s a contest going on!) when Beau was born –two days before my wedding shower in my hometown. My step-mother, Bobbie and ladies from the church I grew up in were hosting it.


As it turns out, Beau was the youngest person at my wedding shower. His mother got out of the hospital that morning and was at my shower that afternoon. Did I tell you she was tough? Maybe she was just committed. I really appreciated her grit and determination.


Beau was also the youngest person at our wedding. He was three weeks old at the time. This is good because it helps me to remember his age.

Beau has a nephew and a niece older than he is—and many just a few years younger. This little tidbit made for some very interesting conversations trying to get all those family-ties organized when he was younger. Poor Beau, he has 14 nieces and nephews, yet none of them call him “Uncle Beau.” Maybe when our sister, Mandy, starts having children, he’ll finally feel like a real uncle!

Here's Beau at about 10. He was a mess, then. Okay...I guess many would say he's still a mess.

This is Beau's Senior picture. He graduated back in 2001.

Here's Beau and 3 of his nephews at Christmas Eve festivities in 2004. Beau is the tallest...he sort of stands out. The two on the left are brothers. The baldy in the striped shirt is Charlie, the first-born grandson and now ex-Marine. He's four years older than Beau.

This picture was taken at my niece's wedding. Just as the rest of the men in my family...he's displaying his pyro-maniac tendencies.

A recent picture of Beau and his crazy dogs.

Beau and a 'nameless' friend.

So, at 26 and 6’7”, Beau is grown up –for the most part. He’s still a handsome bachelor —so you know he’s not “really” grown up! A few years ago, we thought he was close to settling down, but that was not to be. He’s quite an entrepreneur and likes to run his own show…so that might be a big stumbling block for relationships. Never let it be said that any of my brothers aren’t hard-headed and stubborn to the nth degree! I believe all my sister-in-law’s would agree.

Fortunately, being the only girl during our growing-up years, I didn’t inherit all the hard-headed stubbornness that seem to entangle the men in my family. (You believe this, right?) Unlike my brothers, I’m very humble and pliant and submissive…ask Mr. Fix-It!!!

Happy Birthday, Beau!

Stay Tuned!

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♥Bex♥ said...

Ha! Well as stubborn and hard-headed as I'm, there's no way on this green earth that I got it ALL from dad!! =P
I think his birthday is the second too...I think.
And guess who's birthday is on the 4th everybody????

Kelley said...


You get 10 points for digging up old photos...

and a whopping 25 points for having a teenage daughter read your blog. Very impressive!

(my points are pretty useless but I will enjoy giving them out anyway)

Happy early b-day Bex!

MamaHenClucks said...

Happy Birthday to both Beau and Bex! My brother and my nephew grew up this same way as my nephew is only six years younger than my brother. No uncle for them, they were playmates! There are 16 years between my oldest sis and lil bro.

Meg in Tally said...

Just so you ALLLLL know...Bex's birthday is not until December. She was alluding to someone else's birthday.

Also, I apologize for the weird formatting stuff showing on the blog today...I don't have a clue what it is.

I'm not at home and able to sit down and figure it out...so I'll just apologize and quit worrying about it!

Meg in Tally said...

oops! One more thing...

Note to Kelley: I LOVE POINTS!!!!

(and comments, too!)

♥Bex♥ said...

Oh!! lol It's not MY birthday! whoops! It's a VERY VERY special person's birthday! It's the Meggy Girl's birthday!!


Mama Weso said...

A b-day? Let's party! Where can we go? What can we do? I'll give you lots of points since you love them and they cost me nothing. Besides celebrating you can show me how to upload pix for my co-op blog (www.tallycivilwar@blogspot.com). We are supposed to promote our blogs here, right???? :)

Mama Weso said...

Ooops -- put the wrong url to the blog I'm shamelessly promoting --


Happy early b-day!

Laura said...

I can show up late Thursday night for partying! When are we having MNO again? I'm ready!

Meg in Tally said...

I'm all up for a party Thursday night ...only it has to be AFTER the v-ball game. We should be done by 7 or 7:30pm. Just name the place! I'll ditch Mr. Fix-It and the MOUTHY teenager!

mamajil said...

I love this I am participating in Remember in September too!! Happy Birthday to your Brother!!

Oh and by the way check out my blog I left you an award! :)

MamaHenClucks said...

Well, you should be feeling really, really loved because I left you the same award over at my place! Two of the same awards, in the same week! Yea for you!