Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Don't Talk Trash, If You Can't Back It Up!

Trash talk can really come back and bite you in the ...ummm...nether regions. Ask the team we whooped yesterday!

Yesterday afternoon our team traveled to a nearby town where we were set to play a private school -- a LOT bigger than our own. Several of our girls know some of their girls, but it's not a secret that there is no love lost between the teams. (Probably something to do with a high-falutin' private school and a tiny little Christian school...you know, we're just not very COOL!) We had already beat this team TWICE! Once in a pre-season tournament and another sound beating came in our own house. So yesterday, we traveled to theirs. (At least OUR gym had air-conditioning!!!)

From what I understand, over the weekend, at least one of the 'opposing' players had really issued some major 'trash talk' about how bad they were going to beat our team through her Facebook. Seems like a lot of girls knew about it. I guess the girl that posted it had forgotten the major thrashing they received a few weeks ago and somebody forgot to tell her that our team is undefeated -- 11-0!!!!

Anyway, this 'opposing' team set the stage for a BIG win! They even re-scheduled the Varsity game so that it would be the FIRST match played instead of the normal THIRD match. They scheduled it early in the afternoon (when most parents and fans aren't able to come...). AND they brought in their entire student body to cheer for the home team. It was LOUD!!!! They were VERY confident!

Instead of intimidating our great group of gals, it energized them! Our matches are 'best 3 out of 5' and we won in 3 straight sets. Wahoo!!! After we started pulling ahead, it pretty much shut down the crowd -- by the end of the 2nd set, the stands were pretty much empty! Shall I say, WAHOO again?

Two pieces of advice for all those 'trash talkers' .....

#1 --Don't mess with the BEST!!!

#2 -- NEVER underestimate a team powered by Lemon Drops!
(They're not trying to catch flies...they're showing you their lemon drop power!)

Oh, by the way...I had TWO hotdogs for supper! Instead of just catsup, I had forgotten that relish adds vegetables, too. You know...those little pickles used to be cucumbers! Does that count for veggies instead of those nasty tasting carrot sticks ya'll want me to eat? I think I'd just rather eat a stick.

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Kelley said...

Yay team! How glorious to beat a trash-talkin' team so badly. I love it (probably too much).

That is hilarious that you consider relish to be a veggie (I won't remind you of the refined sugar it is probably filled with. ha!)

I have some catching up to do as I don't know what all the carrot talk is about. Better go read the other posts I missed!

Lori said...

How great!

Fuschia said...

Lemon drop power...love it!!

Laura said...

So what vegitables do you like?

Congratulations to the team!

MamaHenClucks said...

That's right. No smack talk unless you can back it up! Good for your girls for showing them who was boss! I love the lemon drop power, too!

Bex =) said...

Yeah! We could have even MORE lemon drop power if PUBLIX WAS STILL SELLING THEM!!! I think we should create at riot a publix telling them that.."WE WANT LEMON DROPS! WE WANT LEMON DROPS!!"

We might be needing them in this coming tuesday's game against YET another private school, JP2!! (Who's coach I might add is such a jerk. I have no shame about saying that on the internet. :P)

♥ ILY MOM! ♥