Friday, September 26, 2008

26 Years + 1 Day.

Since its so late, I thought I would just add a bit to yesterday's post. I'm tempted to just post the pictures and explain them the Princess does. Maybe I should just copycat her! At least SHE gets oodles of comments when she does it...maybe its worth a try. Not that I'm not eternally grateful for the 6 folks who had pity on me and left a comment yesterday. (I can't believe my Favorite Nagger even chimed in!!!)

Anywho, tonight after Bex's volleyball game (which they won BIG!) we went to a concert at a local Girl's Home here in Tallytown. They hold great concerts there to raise money to help the girls. Tonight, we saw Victory Song and Greater Vision. Greater Vision is my favorite Southern Gospel group. Yes, I hear you..."So how in the world does this tie in with 26 years, Meggy?"

Well, what made me think of this is that on the day after our 26th anniversary--26 years of fidelity, I might add; my sweet husband, Mr. Fix-It, had a date with another woman tonight! Yep! My husband invited another woman to go to the concert with him --with my full blessing! No! We do NOT have an "open" marriage. But this was different.

At our church, each deacon is assigned a "widow" to minister to. So whilst we were ministering a few months ago, we found out that this sweet lady LOVES Southern Gospel music. So, Mr. Fix-It invited her to this concert because I'm usually out of town this weekend (at our G-Girls Beach weekend) --but since our weekend has been postponed a few weeks, me and Bex were able to go, too!

I teased Ms. Myrna that my husband had been faithful for all these years...but after 26, he decided to go on a date without me! She was so sweet. Her husband of 60+ years died 3 years ago next week. We had a great time. If you've never heard Greater Vision sing --you really ought to get a CD. They are absolutely wonderful!

Okay, now for the pictures.

No wedding album is complete with the obligatory 'attendant' pictures....

L-R: Friend-Kurt, my bro.-Randy, friend-Bob, Mr. Fix-It, friend-Lou, BIL Rick.

If you could see their feet, you would see that all the other guys had dark shoes on...EXCEPT my red-neck brother who had on light colored alligator boots.

Wayne picked these tuxes because they looked very 'southern'.

The album wouldn't be complete without the obligatory BIG HAIR picture, either. Did you see these dresses in the movie "27 Dresses"? Surely there was one pretty close. Actually, these weren't as hideous as some I've seen. At least I was kind and didn't make them wear those awful hats that were so popular at the time!

Back row L-R: Friend-Sissy, Cuz-Vicky, Friend-Phyllis, ME, Mr. Fix-It's sister-Carla, my then SIL-Barbara. The little girl on the left is Ashleigh who was the daughter of Mr. Fix-It's friend. The little girl on the right is my brother's daughter, Christy. She was about 3.

So there you have another strange post from Lonesome Pine.

Stay tuned --if you dare --for some honeymoon pix this weekend!!!

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Kahlua Keeping Koala said...

Favorite Nagger, who is that?

Kelley said...

I guess Princess-envy has passed on to more than one of us, huh?

I'm going to have to look up that group! I'm just now getting into Southern Gospel...