Tuesday, July 8, 2008

**Tuesday's Top 10 **

Welcome to Tuesday's Top Ten...a new tradition...at least until I get tired of it. So, just check here each Tuesday to find out what thrilling, exciting, and fabulous top ten list I've posted!

We'll start with the

Top Ten Reasons I Love My Ice-Maker.

There aren't many appliances that I can say "I LOVE." Yes, I love my bread machine, I love my dishwasher, I love my microwave, I love my toaster oven, ...okay...I love my washer and dryer, too! So, sue me. I guess I love a bunch of my appliances..and I found out today that I LOVE the folding machine at our church!

But today, I want to talk about my beloved ice-maker. Here are the Top Ten reasons I love it.

#10 -- I've never had an ice-maker before this one.

#9 -- It actually works!

#8 -- No more of those flimsy, plastic trays to fill up.

#7 -- No more of those flimsy, plastic trays emptied of water all over the floor.

#6 -- No more trying to wrench those cubes out of the flimsy, plastic trays!

#5 -- It makes ice faster than I can use it ...most days.

#4 -- Without ice trays...there is more room in my freezer for BLUEBERRIES!

#3 -- I don't have to TELL it to do its job! It is able to complete tasks without me constantly checking it's work. Even when the dispenser in the refrigerator door died, the ice-maker kept on doing it's thing!

#2 -- It NEEDS me...'cause sometimes it gets stuck and it seems I'm the only one who ever notices and actually fixes it.

#1 -- I love ice! Cold, wet and crunchy...who could ask for anything more?

So there you have it. I'm sure it will make your day --knowing why I love my ice-maker. Well, maybe you chuckled a bit, at least!

Stay tuned. (4 more days till...)

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mamajil said...

I love your top ten list!! It made me realize how I've not stopped to appreciate my ice maker....oh and I am chuckling...more like laughing!!
I can't wait till next Tuesdays top ten. :}

Kelley said...

Yes, I agree...I really enjoyed this top-ten list (if I copy you on this bloggy-idea I better do mine on Thursday otherwise it will be very obvious I'm cheating from your blog:-)

Kelsey said...

I agree! Great List!

Mama Weso said...

Top ten reasons I read your blog ...

10. Because it's there.
09. Because I like you.
08. Because it brightens my day.
07. Because you bring me blueberries.
06. Because we are friends.
05. Because I'm tired of working on seminars and it's a nice break.
04. Because you are funny.
03. Because I like to keep up with your daughter.
02. Because I like to hear about Mr. Fix It since I'm married to his twin separated at birth.
01. Because it's one of the very bestest blogs in the whole entire world.