Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Update from GA Tech!

Hi All! I'm writing in the Volleyball Locker Room again...I think I called it a Training Room yesterday...but it's actually the locker room. They have big screen tv's, comfy leather sofa's, computer stations, a little kitchen, lots of fruit everywhere, and of course, the huge white board.

Our girls did very well again yesterday. They are learning soooo much! The camp is divided into two sections. The first section is made up of 11 teams which are considered the most competitive (better) teams. The other section with 12 teams is made up of some of the smaller schools or bigger schools with less advanced teams. We aren't sure how we got into the first group (we think its because of our conference 12-0 record last year)...but we're happy to be here and we are competing very well with these really good teams!

Last night, they had a meeting just for the coaches (from 23 teams). The head coach here at GA Tech was telling them how important communication and celebration was for the team. He singled out our little team. He asked our coach how big our high school was and she told him there were less than 70 -- everyone gasped! I don't think she told him that 6 of the 10 we brought to camp are homeschoolers. LOL!! Anyway, he said "these girls are the most competitive in the gym. They aren't very big and they aren't the most athletic here, but they are always talking to each other and celebrating like no team I've ever seen! I'm over there trying to put a ball down on them and they keep hitting them. They're in here beating the best teams we've got because they are soooo excited!"

(NOTE: I'm not boasting...okay, maybe a little! So, since I am "a little" I'll say that my sweet dd is doing amazing too! Several of the coaches have remarked on how hard she hits for the tiny thing she is! I'm done.)

Some of these are HUGE schools with HUGE players. In one game we actually beat what we call "the professional team" from a private school here in Atlanta -- it was AMAZING!

One coach who works with our team each day has been so wonderful. She is very encouraging to the girls, yet she holds them to a standard and works them hard. Our girls will never be the same after being here.

Neither will I after climbing up and down off that bed in the middle of the night--in the dark!

This afternoon is tournament play. Hopefully, we'll do as well as we have been doing.

Then we will be heading just outside of Atlanta to the Johnson's. Mr. Johnson is a former coach from the school. Our JV team will be meeting us there. Their camp is tomorrow--just one day. We'll stay at the Johnson's tonight; sleep-in in the morning and do something fun tomorrow while waiting on the JV to finish. Then, we'll be headed home to Tallytown.

Stay tuned.

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Kelley said...

How awesome! I miss the days of playing volley-ball for that school. That is great that the girls are so excited and set an example like that! How neat.

Kelsey said...

That is AWESOME!

Fuschia said...

What fun! I love hearing a proud mama brag on her baby =)

Laura said...

Hey girl! I just stopped in for a moment! I love your comments on my blog.

allhisblessings said...

Hey it sounds to me like you have something to be proud of! What a fun time. Definitely something to enjoy while your daughter is in this season of her life!