Saturday, July 19, 2008

Volleyball Camp...Just a Glimpse

Today, as promised, I'm posting pictures from our trip. You can click on a picture to make it bigger. (Bear with me here, remember, this is for the girls!)

Here is the first wave that actually arrived at the school on time at 4 am! They were much more awake than the parents who dropped them off.

One of our first stops. The Varsity in Atlanta. The ambience is a lot of fun...the food leaves a bit to be desired.

If you have teens -- this is quite a common sight. Thank the Lord for digital cameras.

Our first full day of camp. Everyone is still pretty rested and ready to go.

Let me tell you, this kid can eat!~~ Hey, Mom! She DOES eat healthy stuff...we just couldn't figure out where she put it all!

Actual playing time. I'm not sure why I only got a few pictures of this. I promise to do better next time!

This is the bed I had to climb up AND down was not a pretty sight!

Here is the chair I had to use to climb up and down. Notice the rocker part? Like I was not a pretty sight!

It wasn't unusual to see I-pod's being shared amongst the troops.

One other note that has nothing to do with volleyball. The shirt dd has on was from 3rd grade TPRD softball... it finally fits in 11th grade!

Just a little scene from the bathroom...this is actually less than 1/2 of the girls. They did pretty good taking turns...but a lot of silliness kept it fun!

The bathroom even had 'emergency' facilities in case all the stalls were full. Wasn't that sweet of them? (A couple of the girls were absolutely mortified that I would even take a picture of these!! {grin})

Are the beds really only made for one person? Well, where else are you gonna sit...a chair, you say? You're kidding, right? maybe there weren't enough chairs when they all gathered in one room!

Meeting downstairs in the lobby. The only place warm enough!

Team meeting after lunch...can you believe they are actually LISTENING???

Notice the wheelchair? This young lady injured her leg on the 4th of July. She came to camp anyway and watched everything. She's normally our setter, it nearly killed her to sit this one out! The girls took turns wheeling her around. Since the dorms and some of the facilities aren't quite 'wheelchair accessible' was quite comical at times! The only time she got dumped --during camp--was once in the gym when she was doing wheelies and went over backwards. Scared 10 years off my life!

More listening!

Here are some individual pictures...this is my sweet dd. I wanted to put pictures of the girls here so they can see them, but I won't put the real names since I don't have their parents permission.



Hubert's Girl


Just call her "BEAUTIFUL" (?!)

CHA-CHA's Big Sister




Our coach's little sister just happens to be on our team.

After 3 days of hard work, everyone was a bit crazy! On the bottom row (far left) is our team coach beside our camp coach, Aletha. She was a fabulous coach and lots of fun!

See the miniature volleyballs the girls are holding? Here's the scoop. We didn't win the Winner's (Gold) Bracket of the tournament --they each received t-shirts. We didn't win the Loser's (Silver) Bracket of the tournament -- they received little pieces of candy. (We did BEAT each of these teams during pool play.) So after presenting those awards, Coach Shymansky (Ga Tech Head Coach) said they had to "give another award to a team that was absolutely unflappable. No matter whether they won the point or not, they were excited and you couldn't get them down." (He said more, but that's the part I remember him saying.) Anyway, out of 23 teams he gave our girls what I'm calling the Un-Flappable Award! Our girls decided these were the best prizes of all. I think it really shows how much 'heart' our girls play with. Hopefully, that 'heart' will equal 'points' this season!

After leaving GA Tech, we moved on to Lithia Springs, GA for the evening. We were hosted by the Johnson's and their church. The girls enjoyed their Youth Room with Air Hockey, a pool table, mini basketball hoops, etc.


We joined the Youth at Colonial Hills Baptist Church for their Wednesday night meeting. Mr. Johnson led us in singing Praise! songs, then shared a great message about not being afraid to be recognized as Christians. He also told a great story about being chased by an owl! The girls won't soon forget!

This is only about 1/2 the luggage spread out at the Johnson's. Can you imagine? No, honestly really can't!

Here are about 1/2 the girls getting ready to bed down for the night in the Johnson's Rec. room.

The Varsity team plus Mrs. Johnson, top right in the striped shirt and last season's Asst. Coach in yellow.

Here's a video where our coach is explaining to the girls what happened in the Coach's Meeting on Tuesday night. Note: She usually doesn't But she was pretty excited--so cut her some slack!


Stay tuned.

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Kelsey said...

Looks like everyone had an AWESOME time!

Kelley said...

How fun! I loved being able to see the video of Coach. It's so fun that the two of us played v-ball together and now our two little sisters play together. I wish I could have been there! That's great that you can be the "mom" of the team...

mamajil said...

It seems like it was a wonderful week!
I can totally relate to the whole
take a pic of yourselves with the digital camera thing, and Ipod teens do that all the time!!

Becky boo said...

That was the most awesome volleyball camp I've ever been to! I was really noticing a difference in my skills by the end of the week! Now I can take Karly's place of the professional on the team!! haha! NOT

That night when Ginny was sharing with us about what happened in the coaches meeting was awesome! I don't think I will forget that!

Love you!!

Kara said...

Looks like it was fun and tiring.

Fuschia said...

Ah, camp! My favorite camp experience was passing out in the bathroom in the middle of night, being taken to the hospital on campus, then having to go home...all on my 16th birthday!!
Looks like your group had much more fun...even the one in the wheelchair ;)