Tuesday, July 22, 2008

*Top 10 Tuesday* ...Why Leave Comments?

Receiving comments is encouraging and I appreciate ALL of them! So, for all you LURKERS out there --YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE -- here are my...

Top 10 Reasons for Leaving a Comment
at Lonesome Pine

10. Leave a comment...because you like what you read -- or DON'T! Maybe it would help me come up with less boring blog-fodder--or NOT! Hmmm...maybe I could make up some exciting stuff!

9. Leave a comment...so I can visit YOUR blog and leave a sweet comment for YOU! I do this regularly and have met some really cool folks along the way. Are you cool enough?

8. Leave a comment...because you don't go to someone's house and not let them know you stopped by. Yeah, I know it's not the same thing...but it IS sorta.

7. Leave a comment...because those same 4-5 folks shouldn't have to carry the whole load of my self-esteem!

6. Leave a comment...because it makes other folks 'think' people actually like me, thus helping my self-esteem.

5. Leave a comment...especially if you're from outside Tallytown so that folks will be impressed that I have a wide audience--they don't know you're probably from my family!

4. Leave a comment...so that I can have double-digits like the Princess--thus boosting my self-esteem.

3. Leave a comment...so that I can have a little excitement in my life. It keeps me from having to make up fake names to post fabulous comments that make me sound wonderful!

2. Leave a comment...so I can sleep at night; not having to wonder why there were 65 pageloads and only 3 comments...was it that bad?

1. Leave a comment...It's the RIGHT thing to do--because we all need encouragement these days!

There you have it! Yes, it's all about ME! (Of course, if you know me...I hope you don't really believe that!!!! If you do, leave me a comment! LOL!!) Surely you can find a reason to comment on this post, at least?

I'm off to Gainesville with a friend for two days. I just love to travel! Mr. Fix-It and dd will hold down the fort here at Lonesome Pine--pray for us all!

Stay tuned.

Added on Friday: Only 9 comments? Won't SOMEBODY have mercy on me and put me over into double digits???? PLEASE!!!

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Kelley said...

Ok, THIS should help your self-esteem...I've NEVER had 65 page loads in one day! The most I've ever had was 50 and that's when like 10 of them were myself making changes, etc. You are much more of a bloggy-queen than you think! For those of you who read this and have a few minutes on your hand go ahead and link to my blog, leave a comment and help my self-esteem as well, which is lower now since I realize how few people are visiting my blog compared to Megs. Ha!

Kelsey said...


Kara said...

I'm with Kelley on this one. 65 page loads! What? I've never had that many either including when I'm counting myself during editing. You have many readers! They just may not know what to say. Maybe you should post comment suggestions like the Princess did. I've even thought about doing that on my own blog. LOL!

Mama Weso said...

Now I have to post ... and I have 10 reasons:
10. You told me to
9. You'll get mad if I don't
8. You need the encouragement
7. Because I am what I read
6. So you can sleep at night
5. So you can show off to all the other bloggers
4. So you can impress your family
3. Because you're my friend
2. Because I'd rather post than work and I have lots of work I should be doing
1. Because bloggers stick together.

Colleen said...

Hi there! I'm commenting! Brownie points and gold stars for me! :O)

Thanks for commenting on my guest post over at Kelsey's! Stop by and see me some time!

Mommy Always Wins

Sue Glasco said...

Hi--You make me laugh, and I need laughs. However, it takes too much time to comment regularly. I gotta kick out of Mama Weso's comment. Sue Glasco

Kaluha Keeping Koala said...

I will not be outdone...

There. Do you feel better now? Please pat my back... on my blog!

Laura said...

Can I cut and paste this onto my blog? I'm feeling lonesome out here in blog world. Of course, I don't know how many people actually read my blog. That would make me feel a little better, I suppose. And just for the record, I leave a comment every time I check your blog. I am so glad you got home safely. I think it will be great when my dd is 16 and can help out with the driving.

Marlisa said...

If Auscilla Shores counts as out of town, you have far and wide blog readers. I love you blog and your sidebar so I can see if the other Tally moms have wrote new blogs. Big time saver for me.

MamaHenClucks said...

Yea!! My comment puts you into double digits! Not only do I get to help you, but then I can tell myself that I actually do show mercy to others!

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