Friday, July 11, 2008

Frenzied Friday!

Whew! What a weekend I have before me! Tonight, is our Women's Ministry quarterly event. Our theme is "Hot! Hot! Hot!" based on the scripture from Ezekial 24:11 (NLT) .

"Now set the empty pot on the coals. Heat it red hot!
Burn away the filth and corruption."

Sounds interesting, huh? Since I'm the "Special Events Coordinator" [big title!] I have a million and one things to complete before 6:30 tonight! We're decorating in a Mexican fiesta theme and will be serving tacos with all the trimmings for dinner. One of my favorite gals will be leading the singing and worship time; our pastor's wife will be the featured speaker and she will be fabulous. Can't wait to hear what the Lord will say through her tonight!

In addition to all the last minute things I have to accomplish for Women's Ministry, my sweet dd's volleyball coach called yesterday and said she would really like another adult to go to camp with the team next week. Of course, ME, being the team mom should go, right? So, of course, I volunteered to be ready to leave at 4am Monday morning to spend the week at Georgia Tech with our wonderful bunch of teen girls. So much for my relaxing week hanging out at home! (At least I'll be able to squeeze my girl every day!)

In addition to those dad (71 yrs old) is wanting to travel to S. Illinois next weekend for a family visit and wanting me to go with him. I can't let him go alone! So that means, coming home from Ga Tech, washing all our clothes, repacking and heading out the next day...

So....let's see. Today, I get to spend this crazy Friday getting ready for WM event, get home by 10 pm, study my lesson for SS on Sunday, Saturday morning pick up dd from friends who brought her home from camp, go straight to Blue Springs in Marianna for Volleyball swim party, come home for friend's graduation party Saturday evening, complete preparations for SS lesson (based on REVELATION!!!) for Sunday morning, wash all of dd's camp clothes, help her pack for Ga Tech camp, pack my clothes, get the house ready for me to be gone, make sure Mr. Fix-It has easy-to-prepare food available for the week, be at church for the 8:15 am service on Sunday, teach my SS class, rush home, cook lunch, etc......okay, enough already--I'm overwhelmed with all the things that have to be done in the next 48 hours. I've got to get off this computer and get busy!

You may not hear from me for a while....Pray for me!!!!!

Stay tuned. (only a few more hours till I get to at least TALK to my baby!!!!!)

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Kelsey said...

Interesting verse! Have fun at camp haha

Sue Glasco said...

Whew! You made me tired. But somehow you will accomplish it all. If not, you will find it is okay. We am looking forward to seeing you and your dad. I know Georgia Tech will be fun.

mamajil said...

I will pray that you accomplish all you need to...and that you will have an awesome week!! Have fun!!!

Fuschia said...

Have fun, girl!
We, too, will be in Marianna for a youth camp event.
I'm still lookin' forward to meeting you.

Kelley said...

Can't wait to hear how your week went!

Mama Weso said...

Just left Maranatha at 4 am where you were bright eyed (kinda, sort of) and bushy tailed -- heading to Atlanta. Take care of my girl too!