Saturday, July 5, 2008

No Ducks, But LOTS of Gooses

Yes, I know the plural of goose is geese. However, these guys were walking pretty much in a single file it was goose, goose, goose, goose, goose and lots and lots more gooses!

As dd and I were on our way home from town yesterday, we saw this crazy sight. Hundreds of geese had decided to cross the road for an evening swim at the park. We saw them from quite a distance and figured that they would finish crossing before we got very close. NOT!!!! They kept coming and kept coming and then...they kept coming! It was like one of those clown cars at the circus! THEY were in charge -- and no crossing guard in sight. The geese paid the cars absolutely NO mind at all!

The following pictures do not do justice to this wild and feathery experience.

We're still quite a ways from the geese. My camera was fully zoomed in!
Notice the car just turning in the intersection.

Not great pictures, but you can see a bunch of them had already crossed.

And they kept coming!

I finally quit taking pictures...they just kept coming! By the time they were finished, there were 5 cars waiting ...almost stuck out in the intersection.

PLEASE! Somebody call Canada. Tell them it's SUMMER -- Come get your geese!!!

Stay tuned.

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Kelley said...

Ha ha...yeah, geese are such "we'll do whatever we want" kind of creatures. I had some charge me at the walking track in TN when I gently, yet firmly let them know I was NOT going to veer off of the sidewalk so that they could sunbathe in my path. I think I prefer the parrots here to the geese there...thanks for reminding me!