Thursday, July 10, 2008

**Thankful Thursday** Mr. Fix-It

I've noticed, as I surf around Blog-World, that many folks use daily themes to help them come up with ideas for content for their blog. Thus, Top 10 Tuesday and now Thankful Thursday comes into play here at the Lonesome Pine.

We're all thankful for the big things God has blessed in our lives: salvation, life and health, our family, our church, etc. But so many times we forget about the little things we should be thankful for. Thankful Thursday is all about counting those little blessings.


So today...

A few things I'm thankful for,
as I think of Mr. Fix-It!

I'm thankful that Mr. Fix-It doesn't mind taking care of yucky bugs --or frogs that come in the house. We live in the this is pretty common. Lately we've had the invasion of those huge, tree crickets. He's used to the screams of his girls "Dad! There's a bug in here!!!"

I'm thankful that Mr. Fix-It usually takes the trash out without me asking him to.

I'm thankful that Mr. Fix-It doesn't have a weak stomach. Whenever anyone at our house is sick and throwing up, Mr. Fix-It is always there holding our hair, offering a cool, wet rag and a soothing word. At our house, dd doesn't holler "MOM!!" when she's sick...she hollers "DAAAADDDDDYYYYY"! He also cleans up the mess!

I'm thankful Mr. Fix-It is so trusting. He gives folks the benefit of the doubt--until they prove him wrong.

I'm thankful Mr. Fix-It is such a good daddy. Among the many things he's taught our sweet dd, he's taught her to be a Pyromaniac...he loves fire. He's taught our dd to shoot things...he loves guns. He's taught her how to get dirty...she's not a priss. He's taught her to love the outdoors...he's always up for adventure.

I'm thankful Mr. Fix-It likes to call me on my cell phone. Although my cell has to be attached to my person every minute I'm away from him [grrrrr]...I'm thankful he cares enough to worry if I don't answer.

I'm thankful Mr. Fix-It truly can fix just about anything. That's not to say things get fixed much at our home...but when the rubber meets the road...he usually fixes things, eventually.

I'm thankful Mr. Fix-It likes to wear the same color socks every day of the week. Same color...same style. I HATE matching socks. This makes it so easy!

I'm thankful Mr. Fix-It can sleep ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. We often joke that we could stand him up against a wall and he'd sleep. If Mr. Fix-It is still for more than two minutes...he naps. I don't know that he has ever watched a movie all the way through in one sitting. My brothers marvel that we ever had a child...

I'm thankful Mr. Fix-It works so hard to support his family. It's not easy being an outside worker in this awful Florida heat.

I'm thankful Mr. Fix-It bathes and fleas the dogs.

I'm thankful Mr. Fix-It likes to mow the yard. I'm not thrilled he mows down all my I've learned to live without them.

I'm thankful Mr. Fix-It gets along with all my brothers. I've often thought that if we were ever to divorce -- my brothers would keep him and get rid of me! (Okay, maybe not...but I don't intend to ever test that theory!)

I'm thankful Mr. Fix-It is trustworthy and honorable. His word is truly his bond. His friends know they can count on him...even if its not convenient for him [or his family!].

I'm thankful Mr. Fix-It is easy to buy clothes for. His size hasn't changed (even a little) in the last 26 years!

I'm thankful Mr. Fix-It doesn't fuss at me about MY size...which has changed a LOT in the last 26 years. He loves me anyway!

There are many other Mr. Fix-It things I'm thankful for...but this will do for today.

Stay tuned. (Only 2 days till...)

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Fuschia said...

That's a very sweet tribute to your Mr. Fix It.
Am I out of the loop? 2 days until what? If you say your birthday, I'll scream, 'cause mine is Sunday.
Did you ask Mrs. Jean about her coconuts?

allhisblessings said...

I read, "I'm thankful Mr. Fix-It bathes..." LOL!
Then, I finished the sentence! Oh, he bathes the DOGS! Well, I'm sure you're thankful HE bathes, too. :)

Kelsey said...

Aww Thats so sweet! Great TT!

mamajil said...

I loved this post!!! It was so sweet!!

2 days till dd comes home from camp right??
take care!

Kara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kara said...

Is it Father's Day? or Husband's Day? This was a great tribute to Mr. Fix-It. Does he read your blog? My DH very rarely reads mine. If Mr. Fix-It does read it you have another thing to be thankful for (or not!) :)

And I had to remove this post and re-publish it to correct a typo! LOL! That's what that whole "comment deleted by author" is about!

Sue Glasco said...

What a great husband. You were so complimentary without being mushy. I loved all the specific examples. Should be required reading for engaged men! Ha.

Mama Weso said...

I, too, read, "Thankful Mr. Fix It bathes . . . " LOL

How sweet.