Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday at GA Tech

Hi All! I'm still at Ga Tech with our Volleyball Team...so this is going to have to be short! Short? Yes, I'll try.

After leaving home at 2:30 and the school at 5am, we drove to Atlanta with an a/c that only worked part of the time. We were thankful for the "part" of the time it worked. We got here yesterday around 11am, went to the Varsity for breakfast/lunch, chilled for about an hour until we could check in at noon.

We are staying in a dorm Circa. 1929...it may have been remodeled in the 80's. I'm remembering very clearly WHY I never lived in a dorm when I was in college! I have my own room with two beds that are chest high. I have to climb on a chair to get into it. With my dizzy, this ain't exactly my idea of fun. However, my bed is very comfy and I slept snuggled up under a sheet and two blankets last night just fine!

Did I mention that the a/c is not adjustable? The thermometer in the room registers a steady, balmy 62 degrees! Me? Complain about too much a/c? NEVER!!!! But all of us are freezing up here when we're in our rooms. I've been outside most of this morning for that very reason.

It ain't fun walking down the hall to get to the bathroom -- or taking a shower in the group shower. So I set my alarm for 5am this morning and took a PRIVATE shower! LOL!!

To get from our dorms to the gym is 3 blocks...3 LOONNNNNNGGGG blocks when you're walking TO the gym because it is all uphill. Walking back to the dorms isn't quite so bad. We have to make the round-trip three times a day...so at least I'm getting my exercise.

This morning I am down in the GA Tech Volleyball training room on their computers. LOVE IT!! These folks have been really nice and hospitable.

I've got to run...it's lunch time for the troops. We're eating at the Training Table where all the athletes eat. Food is plentiful and fairly good; definitely filling...but then I get to walk again!

I may try to bring my camera with me to post some pictures the next time I come down here.
By the way... it's wonderful spending time with dd this week. Our team is also doing VERY well considering we're playing/working with some HUGE schools with HUGE players!

Stay tuned!

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Fuschia said...

Have a great time!!

Kelsey said...

Have a wonderful time!

Mama Weso said...

I didn't know you'd be posting "on the road." What a blogger woman!