Wednesday, July 2, 2008

June's Journey

Oops! The stalker made me forget about the tradition I started with myself last month! (I still haven't figured out who's been taking those secret video's!) So, in keeping with tradition; I'm posting a recap of all the fun and foibles of June, 2008. Now, when my dd reads her precious "Mom's Memoirs" book in 30 years, it will serve as an index of sorts. So here we go with June...

1. Squeaky (the cat) is still doing well. Since we were gone so much for VBS, he has followed dd's every step today. He's really going to have trouble with her gone for 2 weeks in July! He squeaks if he's hungry, he squeaks if he's not, he squeaks if he wants attention and he jumps on me--hard--at night when he's ready to go outside.

2. Ahhh...Fajitas! It's fun just to say "Fa-hee-ta's" isn't it? I haven't made these again. Hmmm..maybe that's an idea for tomorrow night! Actually, I'm still trying to figure out how to use these "Breaded Chicken Parts" that we got in the Angel Food box.

3. Blueberries are still ripe and waiting for more picking. Blue jean shorts survived camp and continue to be worn. DD did inform me that the legs of the shorts are too tight on her legs when she sits down...I told her that was a sensation she was just going to have to live with!

4. I'm still walking at the malls. Just last week I actually passed an old lady. Wahoo! DD says I'm getting faster...but that was because I was trying to show off and impress her...just about killed me!

5. See #3. I will not be 'sewing' jean shorts anytime in the forseeable future!

6. What cool things folks have on their blogs. I'm trying not to be a copy-cat; but some things are just too cool to pass up. This month I added a neat, scrolly thing at the top to beg for's really called a 'marquee.' I also added the blog list. It is so nice to keep me updated on my favorite blogs without having to go to each site individually! Another neat add-on is the 'Live Traffic Feed' thingy. It sort of lets me know who is lurking around without leaving a comment! LOL!! I'll keep looking for more cool updates.

7. Yes, I missed MNO in June. Hopefully, July will be better. I'm trying to be a good mommy anyway!

8. Yes, I missed my girl at camp in June. I'm afraid July will be much worse! She will be gone back to Camp Charis July 5-11 and leave the very next week for Volleyball Camp in Georgia. Volleyball camp isn't quite so bad because I can talk to her each evening~when she remembers to call! As long as I can talk to her every day or so, I can handle it. I'm probably going to take some of the Junior Varsity up to a one-day I'll only miss dd a few days. I think its do-able.

9. I'm glad to report that my cute nephew has recuperated wonderfully from his 4 wisdom tooth extraction ordeal. We even had lunch last week after he had the stitches out. I've also recuperated from the cleaning binge my SIL put me on. Mr. Fix-It's parents moved back in to their old home this weekend. So far, all is well.

10. VBS was worth four different days posting pictures. We had a great time. The official final count of children deciding to ask Jesus into their heart is 20! It was soooo worth getting up at the crack of dawn every morning. I might even be persuaded to do it again next year.

Someone told me that working in VBS is like child-birth. You work like crazy to get ready for it; knowing it is going to be painful. Then, when it gets here it wears you out and you wonder WHY you decided to do this! After it's over you sit back with a sigh of relief and see some of the fruits of your labor. After a few months, you only remember the good by the time next year rolls around you're ready to do it again!

11. Since posting about seeing too many turtles, we haven't seen a one! I guess, it wasn't much of a trend after all!

12. So many blueberry posts...I think I'm turning into a Smurf!

13. A few good things came out of having so many blueberries. I came up with my own special recipe. Unfortunately, the magazine article saying I would lose 5 lbs. per week eating blueberries and yogurt was NOT true. I guess if that is ALL you ate, it might work.

14. After much poking and prodding, I made an attempt to make things look better on my blog. I'm happy to say "MY WIDGETS ARE BACK!" All except the scrolly thing. I'm holding back on that until I'm desperate.

15. Don't think I won the tote-bag...but it was worth a try!

16. Just for the record: Sweat does not enhance my hair-do. Never have gotten it to look good since the day I didn't need it to be!

17. Still waiting for Smurf-dom. Another good blueberry thing...Cobbler!

18. My Sunday School class is full of wonderful ladies who can really cook! Of course, Ms. Edna is no longer with us [she hangs out with Jesus, now]...but she was a fabulous cook. It was said that if you gave her a stove and a stick of butter--she could cook ANYTHING!

So there you have it. The month at a glance. Not a post from every day...but close to it!

Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

5:00am??!! surely that time is wrong!! This recap reminds me of a Christmas letter...but the antics of your household told from your very quirky perspective are certaintly interesting! However, to save them for posterity for your dd I would suggest hard copies in a journal folder.

I love you Ms. Mary


Mama Weso said...

Just want to THANK Mary personally for the DELICIOUS blueberries she brought me! We had blueberry pancakes this morning! Yum yum. If I had granola and yogurt I would have attempted Mary's very complicated recipe. Thanks again Mary!

Kelley said...

Hey, you took my mom some blueberries...are you going to bring me some? I'll make you anything you want with them if you make the trip! Ha...

You've had a busy month! I've enjoyed reading your posts...

Kelsey said...

WHat a great way to keep up with events!