Monday, July 7, 2008

Just "Pine-ing" Away...

In case you notice my blog becoming a bit whiny this week (even though I'll try NOT to be) aware that my home is very quiet this week. Very, very quiet. Wayyyyy too quiet! No volleyball bouncing over and over and over; no phone calls from our little neighbor girl, Montana, or from that Duh-girl in Hay-vana (she's at camp, too!); no bridles and horse tack jingling; no sweet-feed smell in my car; no piano being played; and no "Hi Mom"s as she sashays in the door. My sweet girl is at Camp Charis again this week.

If you don't know about Camp Charis you can click here; it's truly a wonderful place. Mr. Fix-It and I consider Camp Charis to be one of the few things we, as parents, KNOW, without a doubt, has been absolutely right for our girl! Our sweet dd has gained confidence in herself as she works with other teens and youngsters; she's solidified her faith and assurance in Jesus, as her Savior; she's learned the principle of Servant-Leadership; and she's cultivated many wonderful friendships I expect will last long into adult-hood. I'm sure she's enjoying herself immensely while her mom is languishing in loneliness without her. So lonely, I may even have to talk to Mr. Fix-It this week! LOL!!

With all that said...I sure hope you folks will pray for me this week! I've got so much to do this week with Women's Ministry at our church, I shouldn't have time to be lonesome...but I will be.

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Mama Weso said...

Love the fancy signature. What a blogger woman!

If you get too lonely, come on by ... we can go out for coffee or wings or a movie???!!

Kelsey said...

Ill have to look at that camp sounds cool!