Monday, July 21, 2008

Blog Stats and Singing to Snakes

As I prepare to leave town (AGAIN!), I was glancing at my Blog Stats. This exercise is both exciting and depressing. I'm amazed there are actually more who stop by Lonesome Pine than the 4-5 folks who regularly leave comments. With 65 pageloads, there ought to be more than 4 comments! Work with me here, people!!! (Just kidding...sorta)

I know some just happen by and hit 'Next Blog' really quick when they see how boring it is...but there are maybe a few others who stay awhile and browse. Why should this excite me? IDK.

Lately, I've had a lot of hits because of the VBS song A-ya-wiki, B-ya-wiki, C-ya-wiki. Outrigger Island is a popular VBS curriculum from LifeWay, so they must all be trying to get a jump on their VBS week. None of them left comments. They should have! I could have given them a lot of advice about decorating, running up and down stairs, etc.!

Okay, this is kind of I have to share it. One of the Google hits was from this search: "does singing scare snakes"!!! TRUE--that's what it said!!!! It hit on my post Blueberry-Blurb where I mentioned I was singing to scare off the snakes while picking blueberries! I was JUST KIDDING! I WAS singing, but it doesn't scare them off! Just goes to show how careful you have to be about info off the web.

So, I'm headed to Gainesville with a friend tomorrow. I'm excited about seeing my brother and his sweet, wonderful wife. Maybe I'll have a chance to have lunch with my Dad and get to Chiefland to see my wonderful brother, SIL and nieces.

Don't miss tomorrow's has an assignment for YOU!!!

Stay tuned.

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Kaluha Keeping Koala said...

Boring? I read with rapt attention all about the volleyball girls!